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Fun and fashionable girls' hats

When it comes to accessories, hats are something that your kids can't do without. They offer protection from the sun, keep out the cold, and the right hat can be worn for any occasion. So, whether you're attending a party with the kids or just hitting the beach, there's plenty of girls' hats to suit any style here on eBay.

Fashion hats for girls

If you have girls with a style agenda that's more Paris or New York than Perth or Brisbane, you can find fedoras, cloche hats, and berets for chic style. You could choose a hat in their favourite colour, such as red or green. Or for something more timeless, neutrals such as black, grey, or white will suit everyone.

Practical girls' hats

Keeping the sun off the kids' heads when it's at its peak is essential. You'll find plenty of girls' sunhats, such as caps and bucket hats. There's a range of sizes to suit girls of different ages. Floral designs will go well with sundresses for little ones, or if your kids like to choose their own accessories maybe a branded cap would go down better. There are brands such as Billabong and Roxy available, and the added bonus of a cap is that it keeps the sun out of the eyes too.

Beanies are a much better choice for the winter. Available in plain knits and cable knits, they'll keep the whole head and ears warm. A pom pom looks cute and quirky and gives a girly twist to a beanie, whilst wool girls' hats offer serious warmth.

Hats for baby girls

When taking newborns, babies, and toddlers outside in the sun, it's really important to protect their skin, eyes, and head. A hat is the perfect way to do so. There's a huge choice of hats in just the right size for tiny tots. If she's a Barbie girl, you'll find a great range of Barbie girls' hats on offer. You can even get smart hats for summer picnics and also casual hats for when they are playing in the backyard with mum and dad.