Glass (1950-1979)

Exquisite vintage glassware

Whether youre a collector looking for something specific or youre just a fan of glassware in all its elegant glory. Perhaps youre looking for a vintage glass vase for the home or maybe an antique champagne glass or cocktail glass set for a loved one.

From beautiful blue bottle decanters to emerald green lemonade jugs, youll have no trouble finding your dream accessory. Browse by colour or by glass types, such as vintage glass bottle or vintage genie bottle.

The profusion and scope of glassware available are overwhelming. Youll find mid-century vintage art glass in a raft of colours, styles, and decors, ideal for the home, office, an event or as a gift. Whether youre looking for retro butter dishes, water carafes, jars, milk bottles, serving platters, crystal tumblers, bottle tops or dessert bowls, youll find it all on eBay.

Vintage Glass

Antique and vintage glassware covers heaps of different kinds of attractive-yet-practical bowls, vessels, containers, platters and jugs manufactured in Australia and beyond between 1950 and 1979. Many collectors like to display antique glass items whilst others purchase glass for serving on and cooking with.

When collecting antique glass, youre gathering some of the most delicate, most beautiful and most treasured items that man has ever created. In fact, glass is one of the few items thats survived into the 20th century.

Popular varieties of glassware include cut glass, milk glass, elegant glass, pressed glass, carnival glass and Depression glass. The eldest of these techniques is undoubtedly cut glass which goes back at least 2000 years, roughly to the establishment in the West of glassblowing itself. This technique involved – as it does now – holding a cooled piece of glass up to a grinding wheel to carve grooves in its side. This method was particularly useful when it came to producing designs, decorations, and patterns in the surface of the glass.