Glass Paperweights

Enter the world classy world of glass paperweights

Prepare to be mesmerised by miniature worlds encased in perfectly smooth glass spheres with glass paperweights. Similarly, imaginative hand blown paperweight shapes such as coloured red apples, cobalt blue dolphins, or pieces of faceted cut crystal shaped like a giant diamond will have you entranced. With the vast selection of glass available here on eBay, theres bound to be a glass paperweight for everyone.

Glass paperweights for every type of collector

The earliest paperweight dates to 1845 when glassmaker Pietro Bigaglia brought along his so-called ‘Venetian balls to the Austrian Industrial Fair in Vienna. The French paperweight heyday ran between 1845 and 1860 and remained the highest watermark for the industry for nearly a century.

During this time, glasshouses such as Baccarat, Saint-Louis, Clichy, and Pantin revived and reworked ancient techniques such as flameworking, filigree, and millefiori, a process that produces distinctive multicolour patterns.

Contemporary styles include a handcrafted paperweight featuring a purple jellyfish-style design on the inside. Not only does this design add some style to your home with the intricate design, but it glows in the dark too.

Discover a vintage clear paperweight with a multicoloured swirl, creating a truly striking design. If youre looking for something to spice up your desk or collectors cabinet, go for a glass paperweight encasing an orange clivia plant with green leaves. The quality glass design magnifies the immortalised flower, letting you see every single detail of this piece of art.

For nature lovers, theres a range of animal-shaped paperweights available. A glass whale design features intricate designs on the tail, fins, and spine. Or, go for a stylish turtle design with a geometric pattern encased on the inside. The clear glass body is contrasted by the dark green head, tails, legs, and arms. This design is ideal for use on a desk, brightening up your workday.