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Glass Shower Screen

House renovations are among the biggest hurdles in a marriage. Your space is restricted, you have to come together to make plans and your choices are seemingly endless. It gets all the worse when you are renovating a bathroom. However, if a facelift for your home is what you need, there are plenty of places to look for information, inspiration and supplies. One of the first places people look to renovate in a new home is the master bath. Your oasis from the outside world, consider upgrades that make the space seem more open and relaxing. A glass shower screen, for instance, offers the same barrier from water as a curtain but leaves your bath feeling bigger.

Frameless Shower Screen

Styles change, so making a decision as permanent as installing a shower screen can be stressful. While it’s a good idea to look around for inspiration, the final decision should come down to what you like. One design element that might catch your eye is a frameless shower screen. This style has clean lines looks almost like the screen itself is floating. It is easy to spot smears and grime but also easy to clean.

Framed Shower Screen

If you want your glass shower screen to have a border, check out the framed shower screens for sale online. These designs still give the impression of space, but they look sturdier and still let lots of light in. Frames come in a variety of colours and designs, meaning you should have no problem finding one that matches the rest of your bathroom fixtures and scheme.

Sliding Shower Screen

Another question you will have to ask yourself is whether you want a sliding shower screen door or a hinged one. The former works best in smaller bathrooms where there is little-to-no space for a door to open outwards. Another benefit is that it also prevents drips on the floor that can be a slipping hazard. Keeping the tracker clear of grime will be your main objective.

Hinged Shower Screen

Hinged shower screen doors can give your bathroom a classier look. There are many available online, with installation generally very easy to do. The shiny, metal hinges also complement the clear glass screen. Just remember to keep your screen door open when not showering, as this helps to prevent mould.

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