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When you order or pour yourself a dram of Glenfiddich, you know you'll be tasting a time-honoured, cherished family recipe that has delighted the senses of millions of drinkers around the world. The company's sensational single malt scotch whiskeys have won stacks of awards and the gratitude and respect of drinkers, malt masters, mashmen and more. eBay's delicious range of carefully crafted Glenfiddich spirits and liqueurs features something for everyone from whiskey novices to those who consider themselves experts in everything peaty and smoky. 

What is single malt whisky? 

 Single malt whisky is whisky that hasn't been blended with any other malts. 

The alternative to single malt whisky is blended whisky. In reality, many single-malt whiskies are actually blended. Single malt whisky is produced at the same distillery, though it can be blends from the same distillery. 

What is scotch? 

Scotch is simply whisky that has been produced in Scotland. 

Since William Grant and his family started building their distillery in 1886, Glenfiddich has been proudly produced in Scotland. It has been passed down through the generations and remains in Grant's family today. He named his distillery Glenfiddich because it is Gaelic for "valley of the deer." 

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