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Godin Electric Guitars

Godin is a Canadian manufacturer of stringed instruments such as electric basses, electric guitars, ouds and ukuleles. Robert Godin founded this company in 1972.

What Are Some Models from Godin?

  1. Godin Session. Play cool rock, blues and country music with the Session guitar. It offers tonal versatility, value and style. The make is maple neck with rosewood or a maple fingerboard. The body is Canadian Laurentian Basswood.
  2. Godin Multiac. This guitar has customised electronics. It is easy to use. A dual source system features an undersaddle transducer and an acoustic soundboard transducer. You can blend one into the other. If you're looking for amplified nylon string sounds, this model is for you. It can play well in a loud band setting with no feedback issues. The wood is chambered silver leaf maple with solid cedar at the top.
  3. Godin LGXT. This is a powerful guitar that combines electric guitar sounds and acoustic guitar sounds plus fast guitar synth tracking. Observe incredible sonic power from this instrument. The make is mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, silver leaf maple body and figured maple top.
  4. Godin Kingpin. The 5th Avenue Kingpin brings back the old, classic style of the 50's. It is a vintage design that exudes the spirit of music from yesterday and the powerful capacities of music today. Get rich tones and enhanced low to mid volumes from this instrument. The make is Canadian wild cherry. This has a rustic look and feel to it.

What Accessories Are Available?

  1. Guitar bass cases. Keep your instrument in cases during transport and when not in use. Prefer hard cases as they offer better protection.
  2. Godin Nylon. Godin offers its own guitar strings. You have the option of trying other types. Choose one that facilitates the best sound from your particular style of strumming.
  3. Guitar picks. These come in an assortment of style that suit your personality. Check online for colour and material variations.

How Do You Care for Your Guitar?

  1. Do not handle with oily, sweaty hands.
  2. Keep your instrument away from the crowd. If you're at an event, it's better to leave your guitar onstage during breaks.
  3. Do not use harsh cleaners and polishers. These may damage the quality of your wood and affect the sound.
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