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Golf Buggies With 3 Wheels

Playing golf can be an excellent form of fitness, a chance to get out of the office and stretch your legs. But because people view golf as exercise, many are reluctant to hire an electric golf cart to drive around the course; a decision they start to regret as they carry their laden bag around the course! A fully loaded golf bag weighs in at around 13.5 kilos, and the average walking distance of an 18 hole golf course is close to 8,400 steps...that's a lot of weight to be carrying on your back for that distance! Fortunately, this is what 3 wheel golf buggies are great for.

3 Wheel Motorised Golf Buggies

Using 3 wheel motorised golf buggies is a great idea if you find the exertion of playing 18 holes of golf is sufficient exercise for you. Just remember that you will still need to be able to lift the buggy in and out of your car, so consider the overall weight of the trolley.

3 Wheel Collapsible Golf Trolleys

If you are already struggling to fit your golf clubs into your car, then you will definitely want to invest in a collapsible 3 wheel golf trolley. These golf buggies are designed to unfold and collapse again with the simple push of a button and most will come with adjustable height settings once fully unfolded. The brilliant things about collapsible golf trolleys is how lightweight the frames are, making transporting them easy.

3 Wheel Golf Buggies With Seat

For those that find walking an 18 hole golf course quite tiring, there is now a 3 wheel golf buggy with seats that allows you to sit down and take a breather whilst you wait for your next turn.

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