Golf Buggies & Trolleys

Electric Golf Buggy

An electric golf buggy will very quickly become your new best friend on the golf course. Theres no better way of keeping all your gear together and within easy reach, not to mention saving your energy for the game! A motorised golf buggy can come in many shapes and sizes, so youre sure to find one to suit you and your game. You can choose a simple model or go all out with the latest remote controlled technology. If youre looking into buying an electric golf buggy as a gift for a friend or relative, theyll absolutely love the benefits. Buggies are extremely popular and useful for older golfers - making your way around the entire course can be tiring and hard on the feet, knees and back if youre not quite as young as you once were. A motorised golf buggy will provide some welcome relief in between holes and spare a tired golfer the task of dragging their clubs around with them. Browse the wide range available online with eBay and find the buggy with all the right features for you or your loved one.

New golfers this way - setting yourself up with everything you need

If youre new to the wonderful game of golf, youre going to need to kit yourself out with all the gear needed to become a serious golfer. Even if youre not quite at the point of buying an electric golf buggy just yet, you will need a few essentials. Fortunately, its very easy to find everything you need online, so have a browse today and find yourself a good set of golf clubs to set you on the right course. Youre definitely going to need to buy some golf balls too - especially in the early days, you can expect to lose a lot of these as you get the hang of your swing! Set yourself up for many good times to come with eBay!