Train smarter with golf training aids

They say that practice makes perfect, and this is never truer than it is in golf. Even the seasoned pros can be found out on the putting greens before the day's play, honing their skills before they take to the greens. With a great range of golf products and training aids right here on eBay, you'll be able to practice your golf skills almost anywhere.

Golf training nets and cages

Perhaps the most popular golf training aid is the hitting golf cage or net. This can be set up in your backyard to catch the ball, whether you're chipping onto the green from a few feet, or driving down the fairway. You can also find a huge range of swing trainers, including ones that help you swing straight, to electronic devices that analyse your action.

Improving accuracy

Smash bags are a good way of testing the accuracy of your impact on the ball, with impact labels giving a very precise picture. These removable stickers register exactly where you are hitting the ball on the clubface, showing you how you should adjust your shot, grip, or alignment to hit the sweet spot. Take a pack of impact labels down to your local driving range and you'll improve your golf swing accuracy in no time.

Putting assistance

There's also ample help available for the subtle art of putting. Choose from simple indoor putting holes to fully adjustable putting green simulators that can mimic ridges and breaks, to help you learn the line of the perfect putt. You can also find all kinds of devices to help you putt straight, from laser pointers to mirror based systems.

Invest in your game

Investing a small amount in the right golf training aids is easy to justify if you want to improve. Watch your handicap start to drop as your game improves. Who knows, it could soon be you practising on that putting green before the next big tournament. Like golf memorabilia, training aids make top gifts for your golfing friends and family.