Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Exquisite and highly collectable Graham watches

Buying a Graham watch is a serious investment, especially with vintage Chronograph designs. Over 300 years of watchmaking history mean that Graham watches follow GMT as precisely as possible, just as master watchmaker George Graham strived for in his original watch designs.

As analogue watches, the skill of the watchmaker is visible on the very face of the watch, with the hands crossing the exquisitely designed dial faces. The stunning Swordfish range of watches actually has a series of different hands-on display, all synchronised to perfection. Luminescent faces and hands, coupled with water resistance, mean the watches are popular among divers.

The Silverstone

One design that has captured many people's attention is the Silverstone, particularly the Silverstone Skeleton which has visible cogs to show the precision of engineering that goes into creating a world-class watch. Automatic, with water resistance options available, the Silverstone is ideal for watch enthusiasts who enjoy seeing the craftsmanship on display. Vintage Silverstone watches are highly sought after, as are preworn and refurbished versions.

The classic Chronofighter

With automatic movement, the Chronofighter, and Chronofighter oversize, stand out amongst other luxury watch brands due to the special lever on the side. Special edition Chronofighter watches are produced every year in a range of finishes and colours, including black, golden and white varieties. Anti-reflective glass and self-winding movement options make the Chronofighter a low maintenance watch, ideal for a busy lifestyle.

Limited editions

Despite the English history of the George Graham brand, the movements are precision engineered in Switzerland, exclusively for the brand. This creative control by George Graham means that limited edition runs are popular, especially when sold with their original boxes and paperwork. The straps and dials are even collectable on their own as many restorers will buy spares and repairs watches, to create refurbished or unique timepieces. So whether you are after a limited edition or more every-day stainless steel Graham watch, you can be sure to find the perfect one for you on eBay.

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