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Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather clocks are large, stately timepieces that can make entryways or living spaces more memorable. Having a big, easily visible clock face is also useful for ensuring everyone always know what time it is. They come in a wide array of styles, so you can find one that matches your existing decor, or choose one with a style that you like, and then pick the rest of your decor around that theme.

Victorian Grandfather Clocks

Victorian grandfather clocks are highly decorative and ornate. Some of them are antique clocks and others are newer, but feature the classic Victorian style. These types of clocks usually feature Roman numerals in place of Arabic numbers, and most have a good deal of filigree around the clock faces. These grandfather clocks feature large pendulums and chimes with deep, rich tones.

Art Deco Grandfather Clocks

Art deco grandfather clocks are one of the most popular types of decorative grandfather clocks. As is emblematic of the art deco style, these clocks typically feature deep colours and bold geometric patterns. Some are large enough to go from floors to ceilings, while others are small enough to hang from walls. Most clocks of this style feature numbered faces, but you can also find them with Roman numerals, if you prefer.

Americana Grandfather Clocks

Americana grandfather clocks typically have highly decorative bonnets, with split pediments and finials with fine points. These types of grandfather clocks traditionally come from solid pieces of mahogany, oak, or walnut wood. Some feature dark-coloured stain, but almost all of them have finishes that prominently display the natural wood grain of the pieces.

French Grandfather Clocks

French grandfather clocks offer slimmer profiles than other styles of grandfather clocks. They have smaller pendulums and chimes with higher tones. Many are small enough to hang from walls, though there are also larger ones that sit directly floors.

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