Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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A picture tells a thousand words

Browse through our great selection of graphic novels and discover your favourite comic book stories in explosive detail. Choose from your favourite comic book publishers such as Marvel, DC, Titan and Dark Horse or simply search for a specific graphic novel you want to get your hands on.


Manga graphic novels are great for when you want to relax with a great story and wonderful manga and anime artwork. From Naruto Volume 1 to Death Note Volume 1 and Dragon Ball Super, Volume 2, you'll find your favourite manga series right here on eBay.

Superhero comics

Whether you're a Marvel fan or DC fanatic, superhero graphic novels have captured the hearts of comic fans for generations. Discover a new story with each book and meet new characters along the way.

Graphic novel artists

Shop for some of your favourite graphic novels illustrated by talented artists such as Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. Explore worlds created by comics artist Mignola and get caught up in different kinds of adventure and conquests along the way. The art varies from comic book to comic book but each one features lots of drama, excitement and excellent dialogue that pulls you into the story.

Comic book genres

Comics are available in almost every genre you can think of. Whether you're into fantasy comics, horror series, sci-fi stories or superhero comics, you'll find a great story from your chosen genre on eBay.

TV and movies

If you are new to graphic novels and usually stick to books and magazines, you can find great graphic novels to try based on popular TV shows and movies such as Supernatural and Transformers. If you're a fan of the AMC show, The Walking Dead, you may be interested in reading the original comic book collection. Star Wars comics are another popular series for fans of the popular sci-fi franchise.

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