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Men's Complete Graphite Golf Club Sets

Many men have migrated from using steel clubs to graphite golf clubs because they are lighter. This is advantageous for hitting the ball farther and improving your swing speed. Aside from not having as much weight to carry or transport, lightweight clubs can diminish shoulder, elbow or hand pain and reduce vibrations from mishits. When purchasing a complete set of golf clubs, the bag normally includes a combination of putters, drivers, hybrids and irons for playing the game.


Nearly everyone has a putter in their bag to hit the ball a short distance. A graphite putter has a flat head available in right and left hand models. The average club length is 86 to 89 centimetres with a weight of about 440 grams or the weight of a can of beans. Additionally, the putter should be marked with a swing weight since most golfers already know whether they need a lighter or heavier club.


Equally important to golfers are drivers to gain the maximum distance when teeing off and getting the ball to the cup. Graphite drivers are available in lofts from 7 to 12 degrees, and depending on the manufacturer, the loft and face angle may be adjustable. Some graphite drivers include a larger sweet spot so when you hit the ball it goes farther. Likewise, your set should include several drivers to hit the ball from different distances to reach the green.


A combination club called a hybrid utility golf club includes a head made from graphite fibre or stainless steel with a graphite shaft. Golfers usually favour a hybrid club to an iron club because they can make longer shots. When reviewing the inventory of hybrid clubs, look for ones fitted with 100 per cent graphite shafts for maximum control and distance.


You'll use a graphite iron golf club when you are about 180 metres from the green. Most sets include short, mid and long irons. Since a graphite shaft has more flex, you'll not only see an improvement in distance, but trajectory and accuracy as well.

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