Chic Grey Boots as a Versatile Wardrobe Staple

Grey has become a go-to colour for interiors and fashion, and women's grey boots are a footwear staple. You will find stylish and practical ladies grey boots for every fit and occasion available on eBay. From knee-high stiletto clubbing boots to soft and comfortable woollen flats, there is a solution for all styles and budgets in both the new and used categories.

What style of women's grey boots should you opt for?

Heel height is your first consideration as this guides the style. How long you will wear them and whether you need to walk any distance will affect this decision. The average heel for comfort is 7.5 cm but if you are desperate for height and need to wear your boots all day, platform soles are a good option as a block heel is generally easier to walk in than a thin stiletto. Kitten heeled grey boots are a stylish, elegant compromise if you have a preference for more slender heels. For the daring, women's grey boots are available in as high as 12 cm, or even in heel-less options. A pointed toe will make legs look longer, and a rounded toe is more complimentary for wider feet. Grey suede knee-high boots with slightly pointed toes are a popular choice and flattering for many.

Standard materials offered for grey winter boots

Grey suede boots are a stylish option for dry days. Women's grey leather boots are an all-purpose favourite for wetter weather. There are ladies grey boots manufactured in durable synthetic materials which offer purse-friendly options in all styles.

What height of boots do you choose?

This will largely be guided by your outfit, for example:

  • Knee high or over the knee: Paired with skinny jeans or leggings and both short or long skirts, knee-high grey boots are a flattering and adaptable choice. They can be found in loose, gathered styles or tight and stretchy, making them suitable for all leg widths.
  • Mid calf: Worn with tight trousers or skirts but equally useful under straight or wider trousers. A cute trend sees mid-calf boots paired with shorts or a mini skirt.
  • Ankle: An adaptable height for grey boots. Their wear-with-anything style will suit even the most varied wardrobe. This height of boots work well with cropped trousers or jeans, exposing a flash of ankle. Adding frilly edged socks creates a more retro look.