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Stay on solid ground with women's grip non-slip socks from eBay

Non slip socks are designed with safety in mind. Excellent options for ballerinas, yoga lovers and gymnasts, grip non slip socks for women are also ideal for anyone who simply enjoys comfort or wants to protect their health.

Studies have shown that, every year, one third of people aged over 65 years are injured in a fall. One of the major causes is inappropriate footwear that leads to slipping. With non-slip socks, you could have a better grip of the floor beneath you, preventing you from sliding on a slippery surface.

Materials to look for

When it comes to your feet, you want to ensure the products you put on them are comfortable, and protective. Cotton socks are breathable and better for your feet if you suffer from fungus or sweat a lot. They are lightweight and moisture-absorbing. A recent trend is bamboo socks. Bamboo fibres come from the plant and the socks are even more breathable than cotton. They have a silky feel, are hypoallergenic and durable. Polyester socks are designed to last and great for cooler climates. They make great winter socks!

Choosing socks

If you’re not sure which pattern you want to get, stick to something plain. You might like to match the colour with your home-wear, or if you’re heading to the gym for yoga – match them with your yoga pants, or mat. Sizes generally match your shoe size, though you should always check the product description as sizes vary when you’re purchasing internationally.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your grandma, eBay has a multitude of options when it comes to women's grip non-slip socks for women. You can search by material, including 100% cotton, bamboo, cotton blend and polyester; and by colour or pattern to find a sock that is not only useful, but stylish as well.

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