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Offering a great alternative to planting vegetables in soil, planter bags are incredibly useful when growing short-rooted vegetables, allowing for more effective spacing, while helping to prevent plants from contracting soil diseases. A poly plant bag can be used outdoors or in greenhouses, and is excellent for growing eggplants, tomatoes, cucumber and many more types of vegetables.

Planting Vegetables in a Poly Plant Bag

First up, select the vegetables you would like to grow in your poly planter bags, making sure to choose only those with short roots. If you're unsure which veggies have short roots, a quick search online or an enquiry at your local nursery should provide you with some ideas.

Once you have chosen your plants, you will have to check that there are drainage holes in the bottom of your poly planters. If there aren't any, make half a dozen small holes with a knife or scissors, to prevent your plants from rotting as they grow.

Next, put on your gardening gloves and place some potting mix and fertiliser in the bottom of your pots, making sure to leave enough space at the top to allow the plants to fit in. Plants need plenty of space as they grow, and they're not too keen on having cramped roots! Then, place each plant inside the prepared pots, loosely packing potting mix around them until all of the roots are covered. Once you have finished planting all of your vegetables, water them thoroughly.

Caring for Your Vegetables

To care for your growing veggies, make sure to monitor your plants and water them frequently. For best results, you should water them before they dry out. However, too much water can cause as much damage as not enough water. It can also be a good idea to give them liquid fertiliser to boost their growth. Now, watch those beauties grow! Head to eBay to find all your gardening supplies, from planter bags and seeds, to garden clothing and gear all in one place.

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