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If you are looking to buy a time-less, high-quality watch from Gruen for less of the money, eBay is where to find it! The Gruen wrist watches have been crafted with precision since 1908 by German-born watchmaker Dietrich Grün, and have these days become popular among watch-collectors. The Gruen watches are now very popular luxury watches and you can find your special piece on eBay today. 

Gruen was once one of the most renowned brands in watchmaking in America. Unfortunately, like nearly all other American watch brands the original company did not survive the challenge of the shift to the quartz technology in the 1970s. Although there is still modern battery operated Gruen watches for sale, most of the collectors prefer the vintage mechanical watches which were produced from 1894 until 1972. Gruen always used to produce high-quality watches and most of them still work today and are highly collectable. 

When the Gruen Watch Co. ceased to operate, nearly all information concerning serial numbers, watch types etc. were destroyed or lost. Since the emergence of the internet and even before the ever-growing number of Gruen lovers started researching and collecting material and up to today we already have a good insight into the brand history. 

Wearing an old beautifully kept watch from Gruen makes you travel in time. The old pieces carry a lot of history and if they're well kept the mechanics can last for many years. If you are a collector of Gruen pieces, we recommend a watch box to keep your favourite pieces safe from dust and sunlight. All watch accessories like cases and winders can be found on eBay, simply click your way to your new equipment. 

Choose from different styles and materials when you look for your special Gruen watch on eBay. With the possibility to narrow your search to bracelet material, movement type, style and brand colour, finding your Gruen watch on eBay is an easy and pleasant experience. Choosing from Gold, Leather or Stainless Steel - these are just a few of the options eBay gives you when searching for your ideal piece. 

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