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Jewellery for the 21st century

Tired of looking at the same old earrings? Desperately looking for a brand new look? Then, you need Gucci jewellery in your collection.

Influential, innovative and progressive. These are the three words that best describe jewellery from Gucci. With an eye on the present and the future, Gucci’s designers have meticulously crafted a set of fine jewellery that captures the pulsing heart of the 21st century.

While everybody else is focused on the past, Gucci has its feet firmly entrenched in this century with its focus on white gold, amethyst and onyx giving you shades of colour you have never seen anywhere before and with an attention to detail that only master craftsmen would deliver.

Jewellery for every occasion

Ever bought expensive jewellery or watches? You probably thought, "I’ll save them for special occasions," Well what happens after that? You end up never using that expensive thing you bought.

Gucci understands your problem and provides a solution. Earrings, necklaces, and rings have that gorgeous metallic lustre and sparkling, crystalline lookfor any occasion.

Whether it is a formal event, a day at the office or a casual night out with friends, Gucci jewellery is timeless, blending in easily at an extravagant occasion, but it still casual enough for the more laidback moments in your life. No matter what the moment might be, Gucci is ready to take you on a ride.


Choose from a variety of different designs, including double panther.


Gucci offers a variety of rings in different designs, including omega back, charm in yellow and white gold, embellished with further refinements, like onyx and diamonds.


Choose between a variety of rings such as perforated, stackable and quartz rings.


There are different necklace styles for you to choose from - ranging from a choker to a pendant. Select from different colours including white gold, classic gold and silver.