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Gucci jewellery contains exquisite and iconic pieces in styles that are instantly recognisable. Its bold lines and careful detailing give an air of class to any outfit. You can find Gucci pieces in gold or silver, designed for masculine or feminine outfits, to suit any mood. Due to its long history and wide appeal, you can usually find a wide range of Gucci jewellery from new to vintage pieces, spanning dozens of collections.

Ghost collection

Gucci's ghost collection is an interesting meld of pop art and classic bold lines. Born from a collaboration with artist Trevor 'Trouble' Andrew, the sterling silver necklaces, rings, and bracelets are unisex pieces that really do pop.

Sterling silver

Gucci's silver jewellery always contains sterling silver, and they're stamped with the '925' hallmark – indicating a purity of 925 parts in a thousand. The classic interlocking Gs feature a lot, as does the horse bit; a nod to the beginnings of the Gucci empire in making saddles and equestrian accessories.

Gold fine jewellery

Gucci have long made a range of fine jewellery pieces in necklaces, bracelets, rings and charms, all in 18K gold and often with fine enamel detailing. These pieces tend to range from delicate to chunky, suiting a range of moods and outfits. They often feature semi-precious and precious stones, from unusual quartz variants to the ever-popular diamond.

Fashion jewellery

Gucci's fashion jewellery range tends to display the same iconic style and eye for detail, but for budgets a little more strained than its fine jewellery range. Crystals take the place of precious stones and the metal is a 'gold finish' rather than 18K, and the designs tend to be a bit more ornate – suiting their status as pieces that you'd buy for a particular event or outfit, rather than for regular wear.