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Longevity & Luminance: Guerlain

There are few fragrance, skincare and cosmetics brands with a longer than history than Guerlain. Founded by master perfumer Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain way back in 1828, the brand is still alive and well today, and continues to enchant women and men alike with gorgeous perfumes, fragrances as well as cosmetic and skincare products.

Fragrances for women

The women's range of fragrances from Guerlain offers plenty of diversity for those who want to find something special. With dedicated collections of Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, Perfume and Eau De Cologne, Guerlain is the staple fragrance for many women. With beautiful accords that can mystify without being overbearing, there's a reason Guerlain is so loved as a fragrance.

Popular titles such as Shalimar, Insolence, Le Petite Robe Noire, Mitsouko, Champs Elysees, Idylle, Jicky, Nuit and Aqua Allegoria range can all be found right here on eBay. The versatility of the Guerlain catalogue ensures you can find the beautiful fragrance you've been searching for. And for those who like an everyday perfume as well as something a little more whimsical for special occasions, there are plenty of options from Guerlain.

Fragrances for men

Guerlain's men's fragrances are all about mystery and sophistication. Just like the women's range, there's plenty to choose from here. Labels like Guerlain Homme, Vetiver, Pour Homme, Extreme and L'Homme Ideal are all available to choose from. You may even find something enticing from a previous Guerlain collection.

For the modern man who likes to smell good no matter the occasion, Guerlain is an excellent brand to invest in. They also make great gifts for the man who wouldn't usually spend money on fine colognes himself!

Guerlain makeup range

Guerlain cosmetics are hugely popular because they seem to make the art of makeup easy. They offer a range of different foundations in liquid, pressed powder and cream form. So, whatever your preference, you can find it with Guerlain. They also offer face powder, either pressed or loose. The compacts these products arrive in are some of the most luxurious around, so if you enjoy some glamour even in your packaging, Guerlain gives you that.

Guerlain eye makeup is also quite unique. Many of the products stay away from bright colours, favouring softer, more delicate tones. You'll find a lot of greys and blues and whites, with most other colours coming in a more muted shade. Unsurprisingly, Guerlain are also masters when it comes to lip makeup. You'll find a traditional lipstick style, but there's also cream products, lip balm and even liquid lip makeup.

Whatever your cosmetic needs, you should definitely give Guerlain a try. Subtle beauty is the key, and Guerlain certainly delivers on that.

Guerlain skincare and anti-aging products

When it comes to skincare, Guerlain brings you a huge range of moisturisers, creams and anti-aging products. Everybody's tastes are a little different when it comes to skincare, and Guerlain understands that.

You can choose from a range of products for the face, body or even specifically tailored solutions for lips and around the eyes. You'll find these treatments in a wide variety of forms too. There are masks, creams, oils, serums and lotions to suit everybody's preference. So what are you waiting for, start shopping and give Guerlain's amazing skincare and beauty range a try today!