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Gym Chalk

Talk to any avid lifter and they’ll tell you how good gym chalk is for increasing performance. While it doesn't inwardly increase your strength or anything like that, you benefit from the grease and perspiration it takes away to reduce the slickness on your palms. Given the inherent humidity of a gym and how sweaty your palms get after a workout, it's easy to lose your grip on the bar. Chalk dries the hands and increases the friction between your palms and the bar, thereby allowing you to do more reps as a result.

Powder Chalk

The most common form of gym chalk is powdered chalk. These are widely available, cheap and easy to apply. Without proper ventilation however, the chalk easily accumulates in the air and may lead to coughing and trigger asthma in some people. Powder chalk also comes in block form so you can apply it just like you'd soap your hand. Do not break the chalk because doing so will only make a mess. Chalk bars easily deposit chalk on your palm with a couple of rubs.

Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalk is a little more complex than chalk bars. Typically made of mashed up magnesium carbonate—chalk mixed with high potency alcohol like 91 per cent solutions—the mixture is stored in a bottle or tube that you squeeze to squirt the chalk on your palms and spread all around. Liquid chalk is superior to powder chalk because it covers every crack on your palm, preventing any perspiration from excreting and making your hands greasy. This way, the application lasts longer and does not easily rub off from your palm onto your clothes or other people.

Other Fitness Equipment

Aside from gym chalk, buy other gym and climbing equipment to make your fitness routine and climbing session safer and more enjoyable. Get your own personal set of harnesses or snap hooks so that you're assured of the quality of the fitness gear that will potentially save your life. Other bodybuilding fitness equipment and gear include an interval time stopwatch that you can clip on your belt when you try to beat your record in a climb or on your reps. Sure, you can use your phone, but do you really want to put chalk all over it?

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