Wheel essentials with Hed

Based in Minneapolis in the USA, Hed Cycling is a manufacturer of high-end bicycle wheels, wheelsets and components. With most manufacturing and assembling done in their own family, the brand prides itself on having full control over the entire production process.

HED Bicycle Wheels & Wheelsets

If you're looking for something seriously cool for your bike, check out HED's Jet 9 Black Standard Front Wheel right here on eBay. Using cutting-edge hybrid technology, this stunning-looking front clincher wheel blends the standard aluminium rim with a strong yet lightweight carbon skin. Perfect for use with 25 mm clincher tyres, you'll achieve outstanding handling and control with less rolling resistance and traction which is spot on. This rim reduces drag thanks to its 90mm depth whilst staying stable in windy conditions.

The elegantly textured braking surface offers improved braking even in icy or wet weather and the super light hub rolls with top-drawer stainless steel bearings offer faultless road racing capability. Ideal for those who are always out and about on their bikes.

HED Bicycle rims

HED Belgium Plus alloy rims make any wheel build just that bit more special. With the 25 mm wide 'Plus' rim, you can add tyre volume, velvet smoothness, and rolling speed to any bike. All Belgium Plus rims come with a welded rim joint built in, and are conveniently drilled for any standard Presta valve. If this sounds interesting, why not look up the HED Belgium Plus Tubeless Road Gravel Disc Wheelset SRAM 900.

The 32h hubs come ready to go with standard quick release and rear hub adapters in a variety of sizes, including 12 mm, 15 mm and 20 mm, 142 x 12 mm at the rear. With a front weight of 855 g, a rear weight of 1015 g and a rim depth of 24 mm, these rims are guaranteed to turn heads for all the right reasons.