HO Scale Model Train Parts and Spares

The HO scale is the most commonly used scale in the world of model railroading. As a result, finding HO scale model train parts and spares might be simpler than you think. What you need to remember, though, is that some manufacturers even market accessories and figurines in the HO scale primarily to attract train modellers.


Newer HO scale model train wheels are usually 36 inches, but you can find the previously common 33-inch wheel sets as well as 28-inch alternatives. Typically, 33-inch wheels are good for up to 77 tonnes, 36-inch wheels work well for up to 100 tonnes and 38-inch wheels are ideal if you’ve looking at over 100 tonnes. Some intermodal cars with clearance problems need 28-inch wheels.


Although small, couplers play a crucial role in scale model trains. Most knuckle couplers you’ll find are compatible with each other, but speciality couplers such as shelf knuckles might have difficulty coupling and uncoupling when used with couplers of other brands. Couplers made using metal offer reliability and durability. Some couplers are made using plastic and come with metal knuckle springs. If you have trouble in uncoupling cars with track magnets, you may consider getting a manual uncoupling tool.

Track Testing Equipment

There are different ways to determine if your model train track is up to the mark. To check the electrical continuity of the track, you need a continuity track tester. It comes with two probes that you need to place to both sides of a connection point. If there’s no problem with the connection, one of the probe lights up. A track inspection car with a see-through floor, on the other hand, gives you easy means to locate roughness, bumps, and dips on the track.

What Other HO Scale Model Train Parts Might You Need?

If your locomotive no longer works, it might need a new motor. If you’re looking for track, make sure you get the right gauge. If the flow of electricity between your tracks is a problem, you may need a new transformer. When looking for a new controller, determine if you need one that controls only speed or one that offers increased functionality.