Trix HO Scale Model Train Starter Sets and Packs

Model railroading has been a fascinating hobby for generations. There is a little magic in watching a beautifully detailed train wend its way through a model landscape. Trix HO scale model train starter sets are a great way to get your feet wet in the hobby so you can taste the excitement for yourself.

Train Scales

While there are many different sizes and scales for model trains, the three most common are O, HO, and N. At 1/87th of full size, HO scale is by far the most popular, with a huge variety of both trains and scenery for any layout you can imagine. It strikes an excellent balance between making the trains and rolling stock large enough to see the detail, while still making it small enough to include an expansive layout in a normal size room.

Setting Up Layouts

The key to setting up a Trix HO scale layout is Trix HO scale model train track. Trix C track features a plastic base in a two-rail powered system with a wide variety of different straight and curved pieces. Trix plastic HO scale model train tracks fit smoothly together, using either spade connectors or soldered wire to ensure electric power delivery to the locomotive. Always make sure you have enough room for your layout, as you want at least 1.5 metres by 2.5 metres to show off your work. You also need up to a metre of clearance around the layout so that you can get to everything.

Trix Starter Sets

HO scale train model starter sets generally include a locomotive and up to three or four cars. Most Trix starter sets also include not only enough track to get you started, but also a 230 V power supply to drive your trains.

Getting Started

Start with finding room for your train set, it won't fit in a small corner. Then, pick up a starter set so you can try out the hobby without spending too much money. Once you have one train, you may soon find yourself buying more and more.