HO Scale Model Train Tracks

Trix HO Scale Model Train Track

Trix is one of the world’s leading names in HO scale model railway building. Its track is popular with hobbyists around the world for designing and building model railways.


Trix has been producing electric train sets since 1935. Their early three-rail train tracks were famous for allowing two model trains to be run simultaneously. Today the company is best-known for its HO scale designs and for its smaller N scale Minitrix line. It manufactures track pieces, engines, carriages and accessories at both scales. Since 1997 Trix has been owned by Marklin, and its products are sold alongside Marklin HO scale model train tracks.

HO Scale

HO Scale is the world’s most popular model railway scale, and is widely used everywhere except in the United Kingdom. It is a medium-sized scale at a ratio of 1:87, allowing hobbyists to build complicated tracks in a relatively limited space while still preserving detail. HO track is compatible with HO scale model trains from different manufacturers. HO track is also available in a number of different gauges. The gauge of a track is the width between the rails, and different gauges are compatible with different model trains. Trix plastic HO scale track is standard HO scale, with an inter-rail distance of 16.5 millimetres.


Trix HO scale model train tracks come in a wide variety of patterns. Trix HO scale straight model train tracks comes in several different lengths from long straights to short connecting pieces, and the company also manufactures curved tracks in several different lengths and radiuses. Their selection of points allows the creation of more complex track layouts. Finally, Trix also makes starter packs and extension sets that contain a variety of track pieces.

Model Trains

A model train track is only so much fun without any trains to run on it. Trix manufactures a wide range of model locomotives and carriages, including steam, electric and diesel models. Their premium models feature digital decoders for compatibility with controllers, as well as extensive sound functions and controllable LED lighting.