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HP All-In-One PCs

HP All-In-Ones

Having a home computer is commonplace today, and HP All-in-Ones more than meet the need for home PCs. If youre looking to stream music and videos, browse the Internet, or finish a term paper or science project, HP has every member of the family covered. When you want something powerful and efficient for your home office, something like the HP ENVY PC desktop can keep your business in order. Simply choose your memory and processor to run your preferred operating system, as these desktops support a wide range of software and uses.

What Operating System Can I Run?

Hewlett-Packard knows that every customer has unique needs, so its all-in-ones are versatile. Although many HP users prefer Microsofts Windows, HP computers also support Linux, OpenVMS, HP UX, and more. These all-in-one PCs can handle just about anything your family or business can throw at it. The i5 processor is fast and responsive, so you can do what you sat down at the computer to do and not have to wait for Webpages or software to load. You will also experience less lag time when multitasking between multiple windows, in addition to enjoying built-in security to keep your online payments more secure and to protect your passwords.

Do HP All-in-One Desktops Come with a Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse?

HP desktops do often come with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, but youll want to consider the amount of usage you expect your desktop to see. Families often appreciate larger screen sizes because they accommodate a wider variety of uses. For example, they offer a richer gaming experience and work well when binge-watching a series. If you are planning on doing frequent assignments or research, it may be to your advantage to invest in an ergonomic keyboard so that you can type more comfortably. You also have the option of a wireless keyboard or a wireless mouse in case you are looking for a clearer workspace. Additionally, you might consider grabbing an HP All-in One printer or another HP printer to help you get more from your desktop.

Does An HP All-in-One Support Gaming?

Not only does it support the needs of serious gamers, but an HP All-in-One can also handle the business of streaming. With options like HP noise cancellation, high-functioning speakers and QHD or 4K touchscreen display, the familys gaming and entertainment experience can make your all-in-one more of a gathering place.