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HP Laser Printers

HP Laser Printers

While inkjet printers are a popular choice for budget set-ups, laser printers offer superior speed, excellent paper handling and sharp text and photo quality. HP laser printers use laser and photocopier technology to transfer precise streams of ink onto pages in the printer. Some of HP’s most popular laser printers are the LaserJet Pro M277n, LaserJet Pro M203dn and LaserJet M477dfw.

Speedy Printing

In comparison to inkjet printers, HP’s range of laser printers show a marked increase in printing speed. Regardless of whether you’re printing complicated monochromatic infographics or colourful text, HP laser printers will quickly process the information and begin printing your documents in as little as 6.7 seconds. Automatic document feeders can keep the rapid printing speed going until the printer runs out of paper sheets. In today’s fast-paced world, HP’s fast and reliable laser prints will stand you in good stead.


The majority of HP laser printers are multifunctional, ensuring that you can print, scan, fax and copy documents without worrying about extra machines. HP laser printers use responsive colour touchscreens to improve functionality and expand printing applications. Durable paper handling means that changing between printer functions is a seamless and simple process. Moreover, HP’s duplex laser printers can simultaneously print double sided pages. Whether you’re printing essays, brochures or newsletters, a HP multifunction laser printer can accommodate your personal and professional printing requirements.

Maximise Connectivity

HP laser printers can make use of several different connections, including Wi-Fi connections, local area networks and USB cables. USB plugs provide responsive and immediate connectivity for personal use. However, in busy offices, the efficiency and simplicity of a Wi-Fi enabled laser printer provides unparalleled results. As long as your HP laser printer connects to the internet, you can take advantage of Google Cloud Print or AirPrint to print wirelessly from your computer or mobile phone.

Low Cost Printing Solution

Although a HP laser print will have a higher initial cost in comparison to an inkjet printer, the long-term cost advantages of a laser printer make it a worthwhile investment. HP laser printers use toner cartridges to print ink on a page. However, toner cartridges will yield 1500 to 3500 pages per cartridges in comparison to the 200 pages per inkjet cartridge.