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High Pressure Sodium Grow Light Bulbs

High pressure sodium bulbs stand out for their extra intense, yellow-toned light, and typically you can find them in gymnasiums, parking lots, warehouses, and construction sites where they light large areas. However, thanks to their high functionality, they are the primary choice in indoor gardens as well. If you really want to have fresh produce all year-round, you do need proper lighting, especially at colder, darker times. Learn more about the high pressure sodium grow light bulbs and pick one that provides enough light for your vegetation.

Benefits of HPS as Grow Light Bulbs

HPS, or high pressure sodium grow light kits are perfect options for enhancing your plant growth in the outdoors, but indoor high pressure sodium grow light kits are probably more popular for gardeners with greenhouses. These bulbs deliver big and predictable harvests and have been around since the 60's. These lights provide a spectrum that the plants grow from. The bulbs come in different sizes for different spaces. While smaller 150W and 250W bulbs exist, the 400W ones are the most common, while the 600W are by far the most efficient and the 1000W grow lights deliver the most power. As these bulbs require ballast and reflectors, they usually come in special kits.

400 Watt Bulbs

The 400W bulb provides enough photosynthetically active radiation, PAR for short, to cater to a square area with its sides measuring 1.1 metres. At 400W, the intensity is not sufficient to penetrate deep into the plants, but it will do this if you want to keep your plants short. You should keep this light about 30 cm away from the canopy.

600 Watt Bulbs

Producing around 90,000 lumens of light or 150 lumens per watt, these grow light bulbs are among the most efficient ones around. Comparing to the other types, these bulbs are able to convert the largest amount of electricity into usable light. They are suitable for a square area, with its sides measuring 1.4 metres, and they should be about 45 cm away from the canopy. They are therefore a good choice for medium plants.

1000 Watt Bulbs

More efficient than the 400W but less efficient than the 600W, the 1000W bulbs can light up large areas, squares with sides measuring 1.8 m, or taller plants. While they are not the most efficient solution, a single bulb does produce more light. However, you should note that the heat output also increases, and you may want to think more about the cooling process. Place these bulbs about 60 cm away from the canopy.

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