Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Attracted by Android

While plenty of smartphone users refuse to touch anything but Apple, there are many out their who prefer the feel of an Android in their hand. Sure, Samsung leads the charge in Android smartphones, but there are heaps of other options out there for Android lovers – and for those who fancy a little Android experimentation. One such example is the HTC One M8. Released back in 2014, the HTC One M8 replaced its very popular predecessor, the HTC One. While the HTC One M8 offered some pretty nice updates back in the day – does it measure up to today’s incredibly intense competition?

Choosing between one of the latest smartphones and an older model, such as the HTC One M8, means looking at everything each option has to offer – and thinking about what features are actually important. With its aluminium body and incredible 5-inch display, the HTC One M8 looks good, feels good, and is obviously well designed. It runs on the latest Android software and a powerful quad-core processor – which means it’s quick – and it has some lovely features, such as its depth-sensing camera and excellent stereo speakers. While it may not be water-resistant, and it may not have a class-leading camera, on all the really important stuff, this is still a very decent smartphone. Oh, and it also happens to be somewhat cheaper than many of the newer smartphones on the market.

Buying the HTC One M8

So, it may be a little bit older, but the HTC One M8 still has plenty to offer. Interested in buying the HTC One M8? eBay is the place to be. With a massive range of mobile phones and mobile phone accessories, eBay makes it easy to search for brand new and used phones from all the big brands. Check out what’s on offer with the HTC One M8 now, refining the search by colour, lock status and features to find the perfect smartphone at the best possible price.

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