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Getting an Upgrade

The HTC One XL is essentially the HTC One X, upgraded to offer 4G. Yes indeed, there was a time when the world only knew 3G speeds (let’s not talk of the time before 3G), which meant that smartphones were only able to handle 3G. Then, as 4G rolled on over, with its fancy, fast ways, smartphones had to upgrade, or risk getting left behind. While some manufacturers offered full model revisions when upgrading to 4G, others blatantly didn’t. Like HTC. HTC looked at its HTC One X and said, what the heck, this phone is pretty good already, all it needs is the 4G upgrade. Enter the HTC One XL.

Luckily, the HTC One X was a good phone to build on, providing an awesome platform for the XL to do its thing. Physically, the One X and One XL look the same, featuring an eye-catching design and a truly amazing display. With its 1280x720 pixel resolution, this LCD display provides vibrant colour, the deepest of blacks and super sharp images, all from superb viewing angles. As for its 8 megapixel camera, the One XL set itself apart from the competition, capturing beautiful images of outstanding quality. And that 4G action? To accommodate 4G, HTC had to ditch the quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor of the HTC One X, to replace it with a new dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor. Worth it? For users with 4G capability, a 4G phone is a must-have. 

Buying the HTV One XL

Most smartphones out today now offer access to 4G, but back when the HTC One XL was released, that was a pretty big deal. With so many mobile phones in one place, eBay makes it easy to compare old against new, so buyers can choose between older models such as the HTC One XL, and the newer phones on the market. From vintage mobile phones to all of the essential mobile phone accessories, eBay is the place to be to find it all.

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