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Haier Washer and Dryer Parts

If you are interested in performing maintenance or repairs on your Haier washer and dryer, grabbing Haier home appliance accessories and parts that match your models is a great way to get started. There is a wide variety of parts available for most Haier washer and dryer models. Replacing parts extends the overall lifespan of your appliances without replacing entire units, and it improves their performance.

Haier Lint Filters

Lint filters are common Haier dryer parts that people replace. This is the screen-like filter that catches hair and lint from your clothing and other fabrics. Over time, these filters wear out, and in effect, don’t catch as much lint. This means more lint and fibres ends up on your clean clothes, and it can also reduce the overall efficiency of the dryer. Putting in a new lint filter is a simple way to solve these problems.

Haier Pumps

The pump is one of the main mechanisms that moves water in and out of your washing machine. A fully working pump ensures that the right amount of water runs through your machine, and that it fills up and empties quickly. Haier pump parts are useful for ensuring that your pump stays in excellent working condition. You can replace the entire pump or just components of the pump as needed.

Haier Water Inlet Valves

Water inlet valves are important Haier washer parts. These valves open up to allow water into washing machines, and then they close off to ensure no extra water can get in. Replacing the valve helps ensure that your washing machine never overflows. Most people choose to replace the entire water valve, but you can also replace components of it, if you prefer.

Haier Fan Belts

Haier fan belts are integral parts of Haier dryers. The belt powers the fan that provides a steady flow of air into the drying chamber. Over time, the belt may wears out, and then the fan loses some of its efficiency, which means clothes take longer to dry. Fortunately, a replacement fan belt is fairly easy to install, and you can get one for nearly all Haier dryer models.

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