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Create the perfect wave with a hair crimper

If you're bored of your usual hair styling routine, maybe it's time to invest in some hair crimpers. If you're used to using hair straighteners or tongs, you'll quickly get to grips with a crimper as it's based on similar heat technology. You can get salon quality ceramic crimpers from the likes of Babyliss and VS Sasson on eBay, with a broad range of functions.

Ceramic plate crimpers

Wave goodbye to dull, straight hair when you use a ceramic plate crimper. A Hi-Lift crimper is a hair styler that'll give your hair a wild and daring lease of life. It combines ceramic and tourmaline technology that allows the irons to heat up to 210 degrees without damaging your hair. The results are instantaneous; in one use, you get sleek, frizz-free locks with a sassy wave to show off at a party.

Multi-use crimpers

For some; one use from a hair styling device isn't enough. This is where dual-use crimping wands come to the fore. Some brands also make a dynamic crimper that can also be used as a hair straightener. Its compact size makes it the ideal travel companion, and its dual functionality means you can change your hairstyle as often as you please. You'll find a plethora of multi-use hair styling wands on eBay, so it's worth looking into curling options too.

Professional standard crimpers

If you expect the best when it comes to creating your own salon-perfect hair, look out for pro standard crimpers on eBay. The Babyliss 2165BU is a great example of a pro crimper with mighty transformational powers. Not only does it quickly reach salon standard heat levels, but it also gives you 10 temperature settings, so you can adjust it to suit your hair type.

Whether you're after a snazzy waver to do your kids' hair for special occasions, or you're pining for the most professional crimping product on the market; find it all and more on eBay.

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