Hair Loss Shampoos

Thinning hair or the loss of hair can be a problem for many men and women. However, for mild cases, there are quite a few shampoos for both genders on the market.

Hair Loss Shampoos for Men

Popular hair loss shampoos for men include Evolis and Foligain, although there are many more. These shampoos and their respective conditioners are designed specifically to be gentle on men’s hair, not only preventing loss but promoting growth.

Women’s Hair Loss Shampoos

Dexe is a popular brand for women’s hair loss issues, such as alopecia and baldness. While there technically is no baldness cure for men and women, using hair loss shampoos, especially as part of a routine, can help you to lose less hair, and aids new growth.

Thinning Hair Care

Beyond shampoos and conditioners, there are a few ways to minimise hair loss. A good rule of thumb is to use hair product as a minimum, using only products and treatments meant for thinning hair. Also, taking hair vitamins along with a hair loss cleansing routine can help aid in hair growth.