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Hammock Chairs

A hammock chair is the perfect place to spend a long, lazy afternoon. Closely related to the hammock, hammock chairs are usually designed for a single person to sit in and may be more structured to provide a comfortable seat.

Which Material Should I Choose For My Hammock Chair?

  • Natural fibres like cotton are breathable, washable and soft. However, they don't resist weather and mould as well as synthetics, so they work best indoors.
  • Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon aren't usually as breathable as cotton, but they are tougher and more weather-resistant. A good synthetic fabric can still be very soft.
  • Hammocks can be made from a solid fabric or from woven ropes.

Which Kinds of Hammock Chairs Can I Choose From?

  • The simplest hammock chairs are essentially just small hammocks, an unstructured piece of fabric hanging from a frame. These are easy to set up and even easier to store.
  • Hammock swing chairs are designed to swing gently in the breeze and may have a more structured seat than simpler hammocks.
  • Basket-shaped hammock chairs are a very attractive and traditional style. These are often macrame designs made from rope, making them light and casual.
  • While single-seat swing chairs are very common, some manufacturers also build free-standing two or three-seat swing chairs that come with their own free-standing frames.

How Should I Install a Hammock Chair?

  • Hammocks usually come with a maximum weight rating, so don't exceed this during use.
  • The safest way to install a hammock chair is by using a high-quality hammock stand with a known weight tolerance. These are perfect for outdoor use and will also work well indoors if you have enough space.
  • If you are hanging your hammock from a tree outdoors, stick to sturdy branches and avoid any that look dead or diseased. Test your hammock carefully first before flinging yourself into it.
  • If you are installing a hammock chair indoors, the safest way to do it is to install eyehooks in a ceiling joist. Again, the hammock should be carefully tested and weight limits respected.
  • Hammocks can be mounted from a single point or from two points. Single-point installation is easier, but swing chairs need to be hung from two points to swing properly.
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