Handcrafted Jewellery

Unique, handcrafted jewellery

Handcrafted jewellery is your opportunity to own something truly unique. From handmade bracelets and rings to earrings, necklaces and pendants, youll find a huge range of handcrafted pieces of jewellery to choose from right here on eBay, whatever your tastes.

Embrace eclectic style or keep it simple

Whether you prefer more eclectic pieces or are proud of your classic style, youll find handmade jewellery to suit on eBay. From Bohemian drop earrings and bold sterling silver hoops to simple gold plated or silver plated stud earrings, perfect for everyday wear, theres plenty to choose from. Beaded stretch bracelets in a range of different semi-precious stones can be found, alongside classic silver bangles and gold bracelets. There are mens leather bracelets too, as well as contemporary mens leather corded pendants and curb chains.

Impress with handcrafted gifts

A piece of handmade jewellery makes the ideal gift if youre keen to impress somebody special. Pendants featuring semi-precious stones such as pearls, garnets, and opals come in sterling silver, 9, and 18ct. gold as well as more affordable options like silver and gold plate too. Whatever your budget, handcrafted jewellery is an affordable choice for a gift thats sure to leave the recipient dazzled.

Antique style locket pendants are ideal for those with more traditional tastes, whilst contemporary chunky beaded necklaces and curb chains are the perfect choice for those who like their jewellery to stand out in a crowd.

Own a unique design

Buying handmade rings, earrings or necklaces on eBay is your chance to purchase a unique design, carefully made by a talented craftsperson. Whether treating yourself to a new pair of earrings for everyday wear or spoiling a friend with a pendant for a special occasion, you will find a wide range of handcrafted jewellery that will add a distinctive touch to any outfit.