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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Badges & Patches

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Badges and Patches

Harley-Davidson motorcycles got their start when William S. Harley and Arthur and Walter Davidson produced their first motorcycle in a Wisconsin shed in 1903. Since the popularity of the bikes and the brand exploded, merchandise evoking the freedom and strength that Harley-Davidson represents has been favoured by motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors around the world. Harley-Davidson motorcycle badges and patches are in demand for their eclectic designs, and several themes are common in many of the brands collections.

Metal Badges

Harley-Davidson badges are available in a variety of styles, and bikers desire metal badges because they are tough like the companys motorcycle models. Some metal badge styles highlight the Harley-Davidson name, such as antique nickel-finish Harley-Davidson nostalgic long bar and shield badges as well as Harley-Davidson 1903 bar and shield badges consisting of polished and antiqued silver-plated metal finish. Riders choosing to tuck their jeans into their Harley-Davidson motorcycle boots can attach metal badges to the boots upper construction for a fashionable look.

Rhinestone Badges

Men and women alike seek out rhinestone Harley-Davidson badges because of their powerful iconography. The brands Willie G. skull image is a popular fixture in the companys merchandise. The Willie G. black rhinestone skull badges feature 3D diecast and black rhinestones included in the skulls face. The stunning Harley-Davidson rhinestone bar and shield cross logo pin badges includes clear rhinestones on a black, silver, and pink design.

Name Patches

Motorcycle patches are favourite fixtures on Harley-Davidson motorcycle jackets for many bike enthusiasts. Merchandise options for Harley-Davidson patches include a high number of styles that feature designs based simply on the brands name, without adding a great deal of additional graphic elements to their designs. Orange and black Harley-Davidson chenille bar and shield patches feature a pared-down style, and Harley-Davidson block H-D name reflective patches are easy to sew onto your favourite Harley-Davidson leather jacket.

Winged Patches

Harley-Davidson patches that feature the brands winged designs are sought-after collectables with Harley-Davidson connoisseurs. Harley-Davidson long-winged bar and shield patches include outer borders, which facilitate their attachment to leather. Other winged patch designs popular with riders are the Harley-Davidson guardian angel patches, featuring images of silver halos and black and white wings.