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Health Care Products

Health care products are an essential item in any household, workplace or educational institution. Health care products are of various types including pregnancy and ovulation kits, first aid kits and accompanying items, foot patches and bunion correctors, multivitamins and nutritional powders, syringes and hand gloves, skincare and body care products, and diet pills and powders. The usage and presence of health care products in each household depends on the needs of the people living there. A basic first aid and healthcare kit should be present in almost every house and institution.

Pregnancy Kits

Pregnancy kits are available in a lot of different formats according to customer needs. Some pregnancy kits comprise of only pregnancy tests, whereas other pregnancy kits have ovulation strips as well. Some larger pregnancy kits also have urination cups as well. Pregnancy kits with ovulation strips and calendars are also called fertility kits.

First Aid Kits

First aid kits should be present in almost all households, workplaces and educational institutions. The size and materials included in the first aid kit can differ according to the people’s needs. However, a standard first aid kit should comprise of band aids, basic painkillers, alcohol swabs and ointment. Larger first aid kits should include a stethoscope, plaster strips, alcohol pads and swabs, antiseptic wipes, safety pins, emergency blanket, CPR mouth breath mask, gloves, first aid tape, wound dressing and a tweezer. The quantity of each item in the health kit will vary according to your needs.

Bunion Correctors

A bunion foot corrector can be an essential item for people who suffer from bunions and are irritated with the discomfort it poses. It is made up of breathable and comfortable material which helps in positioning and providing relief to the metatarsal arch of the foot. It has an adjustable strap for the toe which helps in providing support and realigning the bunion over time.