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Heat Guns

Power tools are great devices to have on hand when tackling home or workplace projects. Using different types, such as joint-reinforcing biscuit joiners, can help a person complete DIY projects with the confidence of a seasoned craftsperson. Heat guns are especially popular with many individuals because they have various practical uses around the home, and choosing models that offer variable temperature settings can help you get the most use out of it.

Electric Heat Guns

An electric heat gun is a multi-function power tool that includes a rotating fan and a heating component. Many models have adjustable settings that allow a user to lower or increase temperatures for the specific job the person undertakes. The stream of hot air emitted from its nozzle can help weld plastic, separate copper piping or strip paint from walls or furniture.

Infrared Heat Guns

Some people prefer using heat gun power tools that have lower maximum temperature levels during operation. Infrared heat guns are excellent choices for jobs that require less heat, and users may appreciate not inhaling toxic fumes when operating them. The device is effective at thawing frozen pipes at lower temperature settings.

Gas-powered Heat Guns

A gas-powered heat gun may use propane or butane gas, which makes it necessary to keep a close eye on the equipment to avoid an accidental fire. Welders can save money when using gas-powered heat guns for industrial shrink-wrapping projects because frequent use of an electric device typically costs more to operate than its gas-powered counterpart. It is important to use this type of heat gun far away from fumes and in a well-ventilated environment.

Industrial Heat Guns

Individuals who need heat guns for large construction projects may choose industrial heat guns because they often feature sturdy builds, enhanced power capabilities and larger body sizes than other types. Businesses may need to remove box and product stickers from many items, and an industrial heat gun is a reliable tool to complete large jobs quickly. Applying the device's heat to a label causes its adhesive to soften, making it easier to remove without damaging an item's surface.

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