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Hydraulics are a critical part of the machinery around us. From day-to-day farm vehicles to large scale industrial plants; they all require hydraulic systems. Like all machinery, sometimes things don't always run like clockwork, and occasionally there could be a need to replace some of the parts. Here are some FAQ's surrounding hydraulics to help you find the correct piece of gear that you're looking for on eBay.

What is a hydraulic pump?

A hydraulic pump is the source of power for a huge number of dynamic machines. Technically, a hydraulic pump is a device that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. This energy is critical for all sorts of work including lifting, lowering, opening, closing or rotating components.The pump is essential to the whole hydraulic system, otherwise it wouldn't move anything!

How does a hydraulic pump work?

Hydraulic pumps push air or oil through hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors. The pump creates flow within the system, which creates pressure when a load is introduced.

What's the difference between a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic motor?

A hydraulic pump takes in mechanical power and produces hydraulic energy, whereas a hydraulic motor produces mechanical energy from hydraulic power.

What are they used for?

There are many different varieties of hydraulic pumps, so it depends a lot upon the industry or machinery as to what role they play. The main types are piston pumps, gear pumps, and vane pumps. You will find hydraulic pumps are used on virtually every single hydraulic power transmission system, and they're one of the main features of manufacturing, machining and construction equipment. From excavators, to cranes, lorries, loaders, tractors, forestry equipment, trucks, mining machinery—hydraulic pumps will be involved.

For any replacement pumps, magnetic hydraulic brakes or cylinders, make sure you check out the wide range available on eBay so you can keep you heavy machinery up and running!

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