Heavy Machinery Parts

From building dams to digging mines, no engineering project would be possible at the large scales taken for granted today, if it were not for heavy machinery. While heavy machines may seem indestructible, they are not. Just like any other piece of equipment, parts break or need to be replaced regularly, and doing so can extend the useful life of the machine. In addition, some parts and accessories can extend the functionality of the machine.

Powertrain Parts

Most heavy machines today are powered by diesel engines. Vintage engines may be steam- or kerosene-powered. Like any diesel engine, parts wear out over time, and engines need regular maintenance. Parts for heavy machinery engines are sometimes sold as kits, such as engine rebuild kits and overhaul kits. It is also possible to replace individual parts of the powertrain that are damaged, such as a damaged crankshaft.

Buckets and Accessories

Buckets and accessories for heavy machinery help tailor the machine for specific project conditions. Excavators, for example, allow users to change the buckets or cutting edges used depending on the task at hand. Users should choose buckets based on soil conditions and digging needs. In addition, accessories can further expand functionality. For example, a bucket's lift eye can carry and place pipe in open trenches.

Hydraulic and Undercarriage Parts

Heavy machinery makes use of hydraulics to achieve impressive lifting and moving capabilities. Heavy machinery hydraulics need to be maintained properly to keep machines working at peak capability. This means regular maintenance and replacement of fluids and seals as needed. Moreover, keep in mind heavy machinery is usually employed in inhospitable areas. While the undercarriage is designed for extreme conditions, it does take a beating regularly. Like the other parts, tracks and wheels need to be maintained to keep the machine in working condition.

Other Parts

Users may find the need to replace or add other parts to heavy machines to maintain them. This could be anything from a replacement pressure gauge, to new tyres or loading ramps. Old tractors may benefit from newer and more ergonomic heavy machinery seats, and users may even have to replace basic parts of the machine, such as its ignition switch, at some point.