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Helicoil Kits

An innovative method for thread repair, helicoil involves screwing in an insert that acts as an internal thread to fit standard-sized fasteners. Its wide range of thread sizes make it a versatile solution for thread adapting. They come in as small as 2 millimetres to the largest at 38 millimetres. First, you screw in a helical coil into the threads, thereby compressing it in the process. A tang at the bottom of the coil aids in driving the coil in; afterward, finish the installation by screwing in the fastener of your choice.

Diamond Grinding Wheels

When faced with a damaged thread, it’s best to remove the fastener and retap the hole for a new installation. Do this with a diamond grinding wheel cutting disc attachment for an angle grinder and cut off the fastener. Next, drill into the hole and then tap it again to make new threads. Install the helicoil using the included kit and refasten with a screw or bolt.

Polishing Wheels

Polishing wheel consumables are essential attachments to finish up a product. They are used mostly with metal and provide a resulting sheen that looks clean and professional. You can use a polishing wheel to improve the finish on your aluminium car wheels with a combination of polishing creams and the polishing wheel attachment itself. Small scale polishing wheels are also available for small, handheld grinders and cutters. These are perfect for small projects that require precision cutting and thorough polishing.

Metalworking Clamps

The clamps used in metalworking projects are just as important as the cutting or polishing discs. Good clamp quality makes precision welds easier because they hold the pieces together firmly while you work. Using a T-joint clamp allows you to make consistent 90-degree welds on any sort of steel materials. The clamps have a rubberised grip to accommodate flat and round steel bars and rods, while their screw clamp mechanism holds the pieces tight. Welding pliers are also ideal when working with heavy pipes. They give you a firm handle to hold the cylindrical pipe steady while you make precision welds.

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