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Hi-Fi Systems

Listeners who appreciate the tiny details and nuances in music can benefit from a high fidelity system, also called a Hi-Fi system. These systems are designed to deliver undistorted sound covering the entire range of audio frequencies the human ear can hear. There are several types to choose from, ranging from small micro systems ideal for smaller rooms to larger component Hi-Fi systems perfect for large rooms and demanding listeners.

Component Hi-Fi Systems

Those who enjoy the freedom to control every aspect of their Hi-Fi system will appreciate the customisability afforded by component Hi-Fi systems. These systems are made of individual units called components or separates that users can select and add according to their tastes and budgets. The different components do not even have to be from the same brand. Most systems start with an amplifier or tuner and a set of Hi-Fi speakers. Then, to build up the system, you can add components as desired. Some examples include CD players, turntables and EQs.

Mini and Micro Hi-Fi Systems

Mini and micro Hi-Fi systems give users good audio quality in a relatively small package. Hi-Fi systems with USB ports can play digital music directly from a USB pen drive or smartphone. In addition, users can opt for models with built-in Bluetooth connectivity or iPod docks. Some manufacturers offer all-in-one units that include everything in one unit.

Features to Consider in Hi-Fi Systems

The nice thing about Hi-Fi systems is that users can find one to perfectly suit their needs. Size is an important factor, especially if one lives in a smaller space. However, even larger component systems can be made smaller by opting for smaller speakers, with the freedom to purchase larger ones when more space is available. Hi-Fi systems with Bluetooth or network connectivity are useful to have for those who stream music from online sources. Lastly, serious audiophiles should consider systems with high-definition audio support capable of playing FLAC files.