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3s Hobby RC Batteries

A 3s LiPo battery is a common choice for a RC hobbyist. To clarify, '3s' refers to the fact this type of battery has three cells. Each LiPo cell has a voltage of 3.7 volts, and the voltage determines the speed of the RC motor. There are RC batteries with 1 cell, which wouldn’t be as fast as RC batteries with 2 cells for example. The 2s battery would have a voltage of 7.4, which would result in a RC motor being able to reach a much higher RPM. Consequently, a 3s LiPo battery would have a voltage of 11.1 and provide three times the RPM a 1 cell battery could.


RC hobbyists increasingly choose LiPo batteries for their particular benefits over other battery types, such as NiMH or NiCd . A LiPo battery is much lighter and can be designed to most sizes or shapes. In addition, they have much higher capacities, which allows them to hold significantly more power. A LiPo battery also has higher discharge rates compared to other batteries; therefore, it packs more of a punch. Lastly, they're comparatively cheap and can be charged and used multiple times in a day.


You can follow some simple measures to get the most out RC batteries. Battery cycle a new LiPo battery a couple of times prior to use to recover any lost capacity that resulted from storage. Thereafter, a battery cycle every fortnight or so helps prevent the 'memory effect', wherein your battery loses capacity in relation to how long it is from being discharged. It is recommended to discharge your battery completely before charging, as well as to charge at a consistent rate such as 3.5 amps to also help prevent this. Make sure to not overcharge your battery. A specialist charger may be of use, as it remembers your battery's settings and stops charging when appropriate.


Unlike other types, you can actually dispose LiPo batteries in a regular bin; however, make sure they are fully discharged first. If the battery has begun to swell or change shape, it's best to stop using it and replace it. Make sure to use a correct charger with LiPo batteries, as an incorrect one will ruin the battery and potentially lead to a fire hazard.

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