Hobby RC Servos and Servo Accessories

If you are looking to control your hobby plane or car, an RC servo is a good choice. It means you can have full control of the movement from far away and fly or drive your remote control plane or car effectively. The servos are available in a number of styles and speeds to work with the remote control device you are using. They can work with operating voltages between 3.5 - 6V and the speed will vary depending on the operating voltage as well.

Remote Control Hobbies

Remote control hobby vehicles are a lot of fun but you need the right parts to make sure your devices last and remain high quality. You may need to make repairs or replace a worn out servo in your petrol RC cars or RC planes. In addition to servos and motors, you can find accessories like cabling so you can make your project work.

Building Your Own Vehicles

For the hobbyists interested in building your own vehicles, there are options available to suit any design. There are waterproof high torque servos for making your own remote control boat or multipacks for vehicles with many parts like multiple propellers. These also work well for petrol RC cars where each wheel needs to be controlled. You can find branded or unbranded hobby RC servo testers and accessories which work for any budget.

Torque Options

Torque refers to the rotational force that drives the motor to spin and create energy which is then used to control your remote control vehicles. If you are using larger RC vehicles like a remote control plane, you may need more torque to drive the machine. Torque is measured in kg / cm and a higher torque means more power for your RC vehicles. With the wide range available, you will be able to find an option that works for your device and make sure the torque, operating voltage and speed are compatible.

Sizes To Suit Any Project

Some remote control cars and planes are very small, so there are micro servos available in a range of sizes to suit your project. The weight of the servo is important and so a micro servo in a 9g weight works well for smaller and more lightweight RC planes.