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What the Holden emblem stands for 

The Holden lion and stone is the logo of the brand. It has played a major role in establishing the identity of Holden. Mr Rayner Hoff was appointed to design the emblem in 1928 and it refers to the prehistoric tale of lions rolling a stone that led to the invention of the wheel. Then in 1948, the logo was revised and decided it was time to have a redesign that would better suit the company’s current position, goals and customers. Then again in 1994, the logo was looked at again as times kept changing. It is now a solid illustration of a lion roaring, which showcases the king of the savannah and fearlessness. 

Replacing Holden emblems and Holden badges and decal 

The emblem and badge really finish the look of a car. You normally only realise how important they are to your car or ute's appearance when they come off. Whether it was a paint job, a collision or it has simply just disappeared, you can find replacements right on eBay. Not only can you source a replacement for your emblems and badges, you can also find decals and stickers and other exterior parts like antennas, exterior locks and lock hardware, and so much more.