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Keep your Holden wheels rolling

Got a sturdy Holden ute or car? Make sure you keep your Holden wheels rolling too, after all, it’s recommended to replace them every six years, regardless of how far you’ve gone with your vehicle. Proper inflation is crucial to proper tyre maintenance—too much or too little air is guaranteed to cause big trouble, including excessive wear over time.

Pro tip – buying tyres online is often cheaper and easier than doing so in dealerships. All you need to know is your wheel diameter and number of studs to be sure you’ve got the suitable model. 

All about wheels

All wheels, including Holden wheels, are comprised of three parts: the tyre, the rim, and the hub. These parts need to work together, and if one fails, they all fail. When people talk about wheels, they typically mean just the tyre, not the rims and hub. It is important to note that the rims and hub play a vital role in your tyre’s ability to hold air pressure properly. The rims fit the tyre in place on the hub, where the hub places the overall wheel onto the axle that keeps the entire system together. 

Keeping them in top shape

You should actively check your tyre pressure and have other air tools, like inflators and gauges, handy in case of emergencies and for necessary checkups and fillups. You could also install pressure monitoring sensors to make this checking process easier and more efficient.

It’s also essential to ensure you have the correct Holden tyre valve stems and caps to keep the air safely in. You can also quickly get complete Holden wheel and tyre packages for whatever model you have on eBay. Just make sure you have the proper automotive power tools to make amends to your current wheels.