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Home Cross Pein Hammers

If you work with metal as either a job or as a hobby, your tool set is not complete without home cross pein hammers. Every metalworker and blacksmith needs one of these hammers for their personal home toolbox. Designed with a special wedge-shaped end, cross pein hammers are most often for forging, which is shaping heated metal, and riveting, where you bind two or more pieces of metal together. Whether it's for a construction project or a creative sculpture, you'll want a cross pein hammer to do the job right.


Cross pein hammers come in a wide range of weights, as metalworkers often work with a variety of metals. Very light cross pein hammers are between 4 to 28 oz, and the slightly heavier 1 to 3 lb ranges. "Sledge" cross pein hammers are, like regular sledge hammers, much heavier, with four, six, eight, and twelve-pound options.


While the size of the hammer handle will depend on the weight of the head, you can choose what type of handle you prefer. There are the classic wooden hammer handles, which are simple and easy to find replacements for. You can also get hammers with fibreglass handles, which can come with a special grip that makes it easier to swing the tool without fear of losing your grip.

Emergency Hammers

Cross pein hammers are a must-have for metalworkers, but you don't have to be a blacksmith to feel the need to keep an emergency hammer around. Use car or home emergency hammers as a peace-of-mind backup for the worst situations. If you're trapped in a car, most emergency hammers come with the very useful seatbelt cutter. The double-tipped hammer is also able to break tempered glass, so you can always make your own emergency exit.

Ball Pein Hammers

Ball pein hammers are distinguishable from straight or cross pein hammers by the contrasting faces; on one side is a domed face, the other a cylindrical face. The first thing you need to decide on before purchasing home ball pein hammers is the weight; there's a range of weights from 12oz to 40oz. You can also choose what type of hammer handle you prefer, be it wood, jacketed graphite or Compo-Cast.

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