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Hand Tools   When it comes to home renovation and DIY, it’s not all about big, bad power tools. There are some jobs that require a certain finesse, a certain handiwork. There are some tasks that just need to be done by hand. For those tasks, there are hand tools. These are the kinds of tools that make up a standard toolbox. They are the types of tools that are needed for all sorts of everyday tasks, as well as bigger renovation jobs and DIY projects. So, what kind of hand tools should all homes have?  

 Hammers and mallets are essential items in any toolbox. A hammer has to be one of the best-known and most common hand tools. Even tasks as simple as hanging a picture require the use of a hammer – and even the most unskilled DIY-er can surely wield one correctly. Screwdriversare another must-have. Whether putting together flat-pack furniture or levering off paint lids, Phillips-head and flat-head screwdrivers are more than up to the task. Need to cut something in half? Hand saws are another essential, although getting that cut straight will take some practice for the uninitiated. Anything else?Clamps and vices can help clamp things, hand pliers can help cut things, spanners and wrenches can help tighten – and loosen – things. From chisels to hand files, spanners to screwdrivers, these are the hand tools no house should be without.   

Investing in Quality  Quality tools will usually last longer, meaning they shouldn’t have to be replaced after only completing a few simple jobs. Looking to invest in quality? eBay is the place to be. With a huge range of brand new and usedhand tools, eBay the perfect place to look for a wide range of tools. Check out big brands such as Bahco, Draper, KNIPEXand Sealey, to find everything from hammers and pliers, to saws and tile cutters.     ??