Feel like you're not getting the most out of your pool? A swimming pool heat pump could be the answer to maximising your time in your outdoor pool.

Installing a swimming pool is a big commitment with pool cleaners, chemicals   you actually get to enjoy a relaxing swim may not feel as though it is worth it. Heating the pool is an option, and with many available options for swimming pool heat pumps available on eBay, you may be surprised.

What is a swimming pool heat pump?

Heat pump water heaters work in much the same way as a regular heater - it draws in the sun warmed air, and passes it through a liquid refrigerant turning it into gas. The newly created warm gas then passes through a compressor increasing the temperature of the gas. The hot gas is then passed through a heat exchange condenser alongside the water, heating it up. The water is then heated 3-5 degrees and pumped back into the pool, the remaining gas turns back into water and repeats the process.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Traditionally heat pumps are powered by electricity, but with the advent of new technology and a wariness of using excessive power, solar and gas powered units are available. Used alongside pool covers swimming pool heat pump become even more effective as the heat is not able to escape the water through contact with cool air.

Sizes and range

eBays' range of swimming pool heat pumps for both pools and spas is broad, with availability and ranges from high end heat pumps for large pools to smaller heat pumps for small pools and spas.

Enjoy the luxury and convenience of a heated pool in your very own backyard.