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Setting up your home office

Working from home has many perks, provided you have the right set up. If you’re on the hunt for some home office essentials, you’ve come to the right place. Choose from a huge range of items, from the largest ones like desks and chairs, all the way down to the smaller but no less important stuff, like stationery and rubbish bins.

The right chair

Perhaps the most important piece of equipment in your home office is your chair. Spending hours working away at your desk can cause you some serious back pain if you don’t have the right one.

Opt for a chair that has the right ergonomic support for your shape and height, with adjustability being the most important feature here.

As for fabric, you have plenty of options from plush leather to breathable mesh to hybrids of a few.

The right desk

The desk you choose will largely be dictated by the space you have available. A modular corner desk might suit, or opt for something that is more lightweight and can be easily moved if you need to relocate for some quiet. Sit-stand desks are a fantastic choice, enabling you to easily shift positions throughout the day. Choose from lever models you wind up and down yourself, or ones that are fully automated to do the work for you.

Some good lighting

Desk lighting is important to ensure your eyes stay comfortable throughout the day. A smaller desk lamp may be enough if your overhead lighting is sufficient, but if it isn’t, consider a directional lamp with higher wattage. There are lots of energy efficient options available too, including those with LED lights. 

Handy extras for your workspace

While functionality is important in a home office, so is creating an environment in which you enjoy working. There are plenty of additional items you can add to your office to achieve this, space permitting of course.

Indoor plants are a great way to oxygenate your room, while also giving you something calming to look at. If you’re concerned about dryness in the air, especially during winter, you could also consider a humidifier, as it will introduce some moisture. A fluffy rug feels lovely underfoot, but if you’re standing for long periods at your desk, you might like to invest in an anti-fatigue mat.

Artwork and photo frames are two other ways to personalise your office, while introducing a non-intrusive pet like a goldfish might be fun.

If you have noisy housemates or family members who unintentionally interrupt, purchasing a ‘do not disturb’ sign for your door, chair or back of your laptop is a gentle, yet tangible reminder.